Contract Hire

What is it?

Contract hire is simply a way of acquiring the commercial vehicles your business needs, allowing you to control your transport costs, budget ahead and concentrate on running your core business, especially if transport is a secondary part of your operation.

How does it work?

We acquire the vehicles for you, that you specify, to meet your business needs and lease them to you, whilst covering all the maintenance requirements, for a fixed monthly fee.

Is it Flexible?

Yes totally, you specify the vehicles you want along, with the benefit of our expert knowledge, you set the term you require and the mileage you will be covering and what you want including or not.

What’s Included?

We help specify the vehicle with you, to make sure it fits your purpose, we then source the vehicle, we deal with the body build, painting and your livery (if required) all the way along ensuring it meets your exact specification, we see it through from the start of the process until ready to go on the road. Then during the agreed contract period, we take care of all the maintenance, the MOTs, the road tax and the tyres. We also take care of all the administration, leaving you to manage your main business.

When and where do I have to go for maintenance?

We arrange suitable maintenance arrangements for you at a time that suits your operation. It could be one of our many mobile technicians who inspects a trailer in your yard in the middle of the night or it could be a local approved subcontract service agent, who you take the vehicle to on a Saturday morning because you don’t use the vehicle at weekends. Totally flexible to fit in with your vehicle usage.

What about breakdowns?

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, one phone call is all that is needed and we will deal with the rest, either attending ourselves or using one of our approved nationwide contacts to get you back moving as quickly as possible. If the vehicle can’t be repaired in a reasonable time scale, then we will provide a similar replacement vehicle until your vehicle is back on the road.

What if I have an accident or a tyre blowout?

We will deal with that for you, arranging recovery or repair, yes, the bill will be down to you but we will help minimise the cost by using our trusted contacts.

What sort of vehicles or equipment are available?

We supply anything from vans, rigid trucks of all weights, with boxes, curtainsiders, fridges or dropsides, tractor units, trailers of all shapes and sizes, additional equipment i.e. tail-lifts, cranes, Moffett fork lifts, you name it we can supply it.

Do I need a large deposit?

No, quite the opposite, we agree with you an affordable upfront payment that can be as little as one monthly payment up front, depending on the cost of the vehicles and the contract term

If you want to look into a vehicle contract hire arrangement, please call us on 01827 383336